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Transition Story Books are a series of books for young children undergoing transitions, for example starting school, having new siblings, moving house and making new friends. The aim of these books are to provide children with a comical way of approaching an upcoming transition which will ease their mind about the changes they are about to encounter. The books also contain subjects such as choosing to see things in a positive way and not focusing on negative feelings. Illustrations are superimposed on to photographic backgrounds, so the books contain real images of inside schools, shops, hospitals and homes. This will help children to identify with the locations in the stories as similar to places where they have been themselves.

'Get me to school on time!'

A missed bus, a buggy wheel falling off, what more could happen to make this child late for school?! A delightful tale of a catastrophic school run, narrated in rhyming couplets. Will he get to school on time . . . ?

'Mummy's growing a baby!'

'I'm going to big school!'

'Today was a brilliant day!'

A little girl discovers that her Mum will soon be having a  baby. Follow her story as they go shopping, meet a midwife, have a scan and finally greet their new baby. With reference to babywearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and more.

"Getting transition right is so important to ensure that children can have a really positive start at school and this gem of a book goes a long way in helping to achieve that"

Early Years Educator, June 2015

There are so many things that could have caused this little boy to have a challenging day, and yet he discovers the wealth of his friends and the resources around him. Are you having a brilliant day?!

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